3 Reasons Why Graffiti Removal is a Must for Business Owners

Graffiti is more than an eye-sore. When you find it on your property, you can’t let it stay there. Here are three reasons why:

3 Reasons Why Graffiti Removal is a Must for Business Owners

1. Graffiti makes your customers feel unsafe.

Even if the graffiti isn’t directly related to a gang or criminal activity, that scrawl tells customers they are not in a safe neighborhood, even if they are. Don’t let a vandal’s spray-painted message get in the way of the message you are trying to send your customers.  

2. Graffiti is contagious. 

Graffiti is like a virus. It spreads. When graffiti goes up and stays up, more graffiti occurs. And to make matters worse, graffiti has been shown to increase littering and crime. The faster you have the graffiti vandalism removed, the less likely you are to have graffiti and other problems on and around your business. Tell the vandals you have zero tolerance for graffiti and crime by getting it removed promptly. 

3. Graffiti can leave permanent damage to your property. 

Vandals use a variety of writing tools to leave their mark–spray paint, markers, and household paint are three common examples. The longer the graffiti stays up, the more the paint, ink, and chemicals from these tools seep into the surface. The sun can also “bake” the paint into the surface making it even more difficult to remove. The faster you have the graffiti removed, the less likely there is to be permanent damage to your property.

Need graffiti removed? We can help. No matter what surface it is on, we’ll get rid of it quickly and do it right the first time. Find out more about our graffiti removal services here or contact us today for a free estimate!

When to Choose Hot Water Surface Cleaning

As years of washing dishes has taught us all, when it comes to cleaning, hot water is always better, right? When it comes to pressure washing, this isn’t always so. In some cases, pressure washing with hot water doesn’t add much benefit but uses more energy unnecessarily. However, there are a number of cases where using hot water can get the maximum clean.

When to Choose Hot Water Surface Cleaning

Cleaning Concrete/Pavement

Cleaning concrete with cold water pressure washing can work, but it won’t be as effective. When it comes to cleaning sidewalks, parking lots, or any area that is prone to attracting oil or other vehicle fluids, hot water pressure washing is the right tool for the job. Hot water has the added benefit of being able to penetrate porous surfaces like concrete so that it can efficiently wash away dirt from the pores. Furthermore, hot water is capable of cutting through oil, grease, and tire marks left behind by cars so that your paved surfaces can look like new.

Removing Chewing Gum

Once chewing gum has set on a surface and hardened, there is virtually no getting it off completely. While you will want to ice fresh gum to remove it, it is the opposite with old gum. You need to heat it up with hot water and use a fair amount of force to remove it completely. If you have a number of gum spots on your pavement, pressure washing with hot water is the most efficient way to remove it without damaging the concrete.

Cleaning Commercial Kitchens

Just like when you are doing dishes, you need hot water to cut through all the food grease and grime that gathers in a commercial kitchen. However, the real benefit of the occasional pressure washing of kitchen equipment and surfaces is that the heated water will also work to disinfect the surfaces so that your kitchen can continue to put out quality food.

If you have an oily parking lot, a greasy kitchen, or any other surface that can benefit from a hot water surface cleaning, contact us today.