Parking Garage Pressure Washing

Like it or not, your parking garage speaks volumes to your visitors. When clean and well maintained, the parking garage bolsters customer confidence. It suggests the business owner takes pride in his business and pays attention to detail. Free of oil, trash, mud and accumulations of other organic materials, a clean parking garage is safe for visitors and not a liability for the business. Regular pressure washing keeps a parking garage looking its best and, in turn, allows the business owner to present their very best.

What You Can Expect

At 214 Pressure Washing, large pressure washing jobs are our specialty. When we service parking garages we clean it all – the floors, walls, ceilings and ramps. Using high-flow pressure washers, heated water and specially formulated chemicals and surface cleaners, we can effectively remove:

  • oil
  • gasoline
  • dirt
  • mold
  • leaves and twigs
  • pollen
  • gum
  • food & drink residue

In many cases, we can also safely remove old paint and graffiti. In fact, if you are getting ready to restrip your parking garage, you can count on us to clean the surface to prepare it adequately for a new paint job.

Cognizant of our Commercial Client’s Needs

From quote to completion, our commercial pressure washing process is designed to support the needs of property managers and business owners. We provide written, guaranteed pricing after a thorough assessment. Before a proposal is accepted, we can conduct an onsite pressure washing demo to provide the client with an idea of the results s/he can expect. We offer after-hours service for our retail customers and schedule our work to fit with the needs of the business we are serving. We pressure wash many of our commercial clients on a monthly, quarterly or bi-yearly cadence and offer competitive pricing. Ask us about our routine pressure washing packages. Fully insured and committed to excellent customer service, you will feel comfortable having us onsite.

Does your parking garage reflect the dedication and care you put into your overall business? If not, we can help you get it there. Contact us today for a free quote.