Commercial Building Washing

Need A Building Wash? Need An Experienced Company? Need Noticeable Results?

Commercial Building Washing


214 Pressure Washing is the building wash leader in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex! We have many years of experience washing commercial building exteriors made of brick, stucco, tilt wall construction, aggregate and metal siding to just name a few. If you have a soiled and neglected building exterior that needs to be restored, we have a wash solution for you.

The Price
The most frequent question we get when we get an inquiry for a building wash is “How much does it cost?” While that is a simple question, the answer is not simple at all. Building wash pricing is not as easy to quote as sidewalks or parking lots. Commercial buildings are different sizes, shapes, made of different materials and are soiled at different levels. If you are in need of a building wash we really need to visit the structure in person to provide a quote. Items that affect pricing are building height, linear feet, type of material as well as the overall condition of the surface.

The Estimate
We start the estimate process by looking up the address on google earth so we can get an idea of linear feet and see what materials make up the exterior. Once we measure out the linear feet online, we will do an onsite visit to look at the surface condition and evaluate the overall scope of the job. Once we have all this information, we will send a formal proposal.

The Demo
There are many “pressure washing” companies in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex that do not have the equipment, knowledge or experience to take on building washes. We offer Free Demos for customers who want to see results before approving our proposal so they can see we are the real deal when it comes to commercial building washing.

The Wash
Once our proposal is approved, we will come out and do everything we can to get the best results for you. We utilize special solutions and wash techniques to restore our customer’s building exteriors. We are extremely experienced in washing building exteriors and will not be out performed by any company in the DFW Metroplex!