Parking Lot Pressure Washing

Keep Your Parking Lot Clean with Pressure Washing Services

Whether you like it or not, your parking area conveys a lot to your customers. It shows that you as the owner take pride in your work if your property is clean and neat. If you’re looking for a parking lot pressure washing service to keep your facility looking pristine, then you’ve come to the right place.

214 Pressure Washing has years of experience in the business and uses the latest techniques and equipment to ensure that your parking lot is sparkling clean. No matter the size of your parking area, we can provide a comprehensive cleaning solution to ensure it looks its best.

parking lot pressure washing

Parking Lot Cleaning

parking lot cleaning

parking lot pressure washed

A clean and well-maintained parking lot helps your customers feel safe and promotes positive feelings about your business. Additionally, a clean lot may be easier to navigate, as pavement markings are easily visible. Safer pedestrians and fewer fender benders mean less liability for you, as well.

Let 214 Pressure Washing partner with you to make your customers and clients feel welcome. Your parking lot is their first impression of your business and can be an indication of whether or not they’re about to enter a business whose owner and staff care about the convenience and well-being of their customers. Be sure that your parking lot is saying all the right things.

Parking Lot Power Washing

Our pressure washing team will use a combination of high-pressure water and detergents to loosen and remove dirt, grease, and debris from your parking lot’s surfaces. Some more pesky substances we can effectively remove include:

  • Oil & Grease
  • Gasoline
  • Mold
  • Leaves & Twigs
  • Pollen
  • Gum
  • Food & Drink Residue
  • Rust
  • Tannins

We also offer services for special circumstances such as:

  • New Construction Clean Up
  • Prep For Striping
  • Final Clean After Construction/Renovation

Commercial Parking Lot Power Washing – Built for Businesses

Our parking lot power washing service is tailored to meet your needs. We’ll come to your facility, assess the size and scope of your cleaning job, and provide an estimate of the time and cost required. Once we’ve established a timeline and budget, we’ll get to work. All parking lots are not the same and your cleaning needs may vary. We offer a broad range of pressure washing services, including routine maintenance programs and one-time service visits.

Understanding the unique needs of our commercial clients, we plan our work around your business and can administer our wash services outside of normal business hours, if needed. We can work with your schedule to make sure that your property is clean and safe for customers and employees. We also understand that parking lots often have heavy foot traffic, which is why we use special equipment to ensure that our washing process doesn’t cause any disruption to your business.

214 Pressure Washing has the knowledge, equipment, and experience needed to provide consistent and exceptional power washing results. In addition to parking lot power washing, we offer retail strip center power washing, commercial building soft washing and graffiti removal to keep our commercial clients looking their very best. Ready to clean up your parking lot or business exterior? Contact us for a fast, no hassle quote today.

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