Soft Washing

 Got Delicate Exterior Surfaces That Need To Be Cleaned Safely?

Dallas Soft Washing


Power washing is a highly effective way to clean exterior surfaces, but not all surfaces are designed for high pressure cleaning. Soft washing is the answer for these situations. With numerous commercial and residential applications, the soft washing technique safely and effectively cleans delicate exterior surfaces, including stucco, wood siding, wood decking, painted wood, cast stone, granite, marble and other natural stone. 214 Pressure Washing is the soft wash leader in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. We have the expertise and equipment necessary to get – and keep – your exterior surfaces looking their best.

The Soft Washing Technique

Conceptually the same approach found in traditional pressure washing, machinery is used to direct water in the soft wash. Specialized nozzles safely disperse water with less direct pressure on the surface. Less pressure means softer surfaces will not scratch or etch and paint will not lift. Incorporating targeted cleaning agents into the water stream, soft washing effectively removes:

  • pollen and dirt
  • mildew, mold, and algae
  • food and beverage spills
  • tannin stains
  • leaf stains
  • bird droppings
  • grit and grime

Soft Washing is the ideal cleaning solution for:

  • monuments and statues
  • signs
  • siding
  • decks
  • soft stone pavers
  • outdoor countertops
  • playscapes
  • fountains
  • and more!

We specialize in both traditional power washing and soft washing, you can count on the team at 214 Pressure Washing for all your exterior cleaning needs. You can trust us to assess all of your outdoor surfaces to determine the best approach for each surface.

Soft Wash Pricing

The pricing structure we use for soft washing is based on the service desired. Consideration is given to the total square footage of the project, specifics of the service desired, the number of water sources available onsite and the requested servicing time of day/night. With the option to enroll in one of our routine maintenance packages, our clients can benefit from cost savings, ease of administration and the consistent peace of mind their exterior surfaces are clean. Pricing for your project can be confirmed by scheduling a quick, no hassle visit, which will be followed up with a written quote. While our price might not be the lowest, we can guarantee that no one in the DFW Metroplex can match our results and level of professionalism for the price we quote. Our prices are competitive but our results are industry leading!

Visible, Professional, Quality Results

We take just as much pride in the results we deliver as you do in your home or business. With our knowledge, equipment, and experience, you can always count on visible, professional, quality soft washing results. Ready to get your more delicate exterior surfaces truly clean? Contact us today for an estimate.