The Value Of Restaurant Pressure Washing

Sanitizing your restaurant is an important step for your business as the pandemic subsides. Many guests will be looking at what cleaning procedures your restaurant is taking as the economy reopens to the public. Without the right precautionary cleaning measures, you risk losing business to the competition.  Discover why 214 Pressure Washing is a preferred pressure washing resource for your restaurant pressure washing needs.

The Value Of Restaurant Pressure Washing

Why Pressure Wash Your Restaurant?

First Impression

There are many areas in and outside your restaurant that could use a deep clean. For example, the forgotten air ducts or in between the walls could both benefit from pressure washing. However, how your customers view your restaurant is the key to success. A well pressure washed exterior helps your guests form a positive first impression.

Health Is Wealth

Now more than ever, it’s important to remove allergens, mold, mildew, and other harmful pollutants from your restaurant exterior/interior. Pressure washing provides a deep clean, with hot or cold water, and a safe, organic professional cleaning solution.


Pressure washing is one of the most significant investments business owners can make. Best of all, pressure washing from a professional can enhance the appearance of your restaurant and improve your return on investment (ROI) opportunities.

Seasonal Cleaning

Each season come and goes with distinct characteristics. For example, the winter can bring dust and dirt from the snow or spring can usher in pollen that invades your exterior walls and windows. Beat the burden seasonal changes can have on your restaurant with the benefits of pressure washing.

At 214 Pressure Washing, we pride ourselves in being the experts of clean. For over 20+ years we have proudly served Dallas, TX and surrounding areas with a professional clean. You’re invited to contact us to discuss the benefits of pressure washing your restaurant today!

3 Incredible Benefits Of Commercial Building Washing

Owning a commercial building is a big responsibility and taking care of it properly is likely your top priority. One great way to take care of your commercial building is to have it pressure washed. There are so many incredible benefits that come along with having your commercial building washing and three of these benefits will be discussed here.

3 Incredible Benefits Of Commercial Building Washing

Preserve Your Commercial Building

By having your commercial building pressure washed on a regular basis, you can help to preserve it. This is possible because a lot of the materials that cause damage to your building are washed away, such as dirt, dust, mold, mildew, hard water, and other types of debris. The pressure washer carefully removes all of these items from your building, so that they don’t sit on it for long periods of time.

You Get Cleanliness Without Damage

That great thing about pressure washing your commercial building is that it is not damaging. A softer setting is chosen on the pressure washer so that none of the siding on your building is damaged at all. This makes it possible for all the unwanted materials to be removed, while completely preserving your building.

It Is Cheaper Than Replacing or Repairing Your Building’s Exterior Materials 

If the exterior of your commercial building doesn’t look very good, you may think that it needs to be replaced, however, this may not be the case. Instead of replacing your siding, repairing your siding, adding a fresh coat of paint, etc., you can try having it pressure washed first. This will often go a long way in improving the look of your commercial building and is much cheaper.

To learn more incredible benefits of commercial building washing, or to hire a professional to perform commercial building washing today, visit us at 214 Pressure Washing.

Apartment Complex Areas That A Professional Can Pressure Wash

If you own an apartment complex, you know just how important it is that you take good care of it. Thankfully, there are several services out there that can help you better care for your apartment. One such service is professional pressure washing. Here are some of the important areas that a professional can pressure wash for you.

5 Important Areas In Your Apartment Complex That A Professional Can Pressure Wash For You


If your apartment has breezeways, these are often high traffic areas that your residents use for commuting from one area of the complex to another. Because of this, they are likely to get dirty overtime. Hiring a professional to pressure wash these areas ensures that they stay clean and that residents have a safe surface to walk on.

Common Areas

Another important area to have pressure washed is the common area of your apartment. This area is used for a variety of gatherings where food and drinks are served and can get very dirty when not taken care of. Pressure washing this area removes any and all spilt food or drinks and helps to keep it clean.

Pool Decks 

Many apartments have pool areas that include a heavily used pool deck. Because this area is used so often, having it pressure washed is a very wise idea. The pressure washing helps to remove any sludge, debris, etc. that may be present on this surface.


Having your apartment stairways pressure washed on a regular basis is very important because these are areas that are not only high traffic, but are also more likely to cause an accident if not cleaned properly. Using a pressure washer and cleaning solution helps to keep the stairs in the best and safest condition possible.


Lastly, a pressure washer is a great tool to use to clean all the sidewalks in your apartment complex. The professional using the pressure washer will make sure that all food, drinks, dirt, mud, oil, etc. are removed from the sidewalks. This keeps them looking great and keeps your residents happy.

To learn about more areas within your apartment complex that can be pressure washed, or to hire a professional to pressure wash your apartment today, visit us at 214 Pressure Washing.

How Property Managers Can Keep Buildings Clean

Many landlords hire property managers to take care of the property on their behalf. This means the manager is responsible for maintaining clean property. Cleaning the property may not be an easy task for many property managers. But the good news is that you can keep buildings clean by implementing several strategies. Here is what to do.

How Property Managers can keep Buildings Clean

Create a Cleaning Plan
The most crucial element is to schedule cleaning services with strict guidelines to guide you. Create daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and annual cleaning schedules to keep buildings clean.

You also need to identify your preferred cleaning products and tools and buy them on time. If possible, have a stock of the products and tools to save time. Determine what parts of the property need cleaning and how often they should be cleaned.

Prioritize Cleaning
Some property managers often forget to prioritize cleaning a property. You need to start thinking strategically and create short-term and long-term goals to guide you. For instance, your short-term goals could include attracting more tenants and maintaining high-quality tenants.

The long-term goals may include maintaining the property well and keeping the building safe and healthy for the sake of the tenants and their customers. These goals will keep you motivated to maintain a clean property, no matter how challenging it is.
Maintain Quality
How you clean the property determines whether its appearance improves or not. Some people clean partially without paying close attention to the nitty-gritty. This should not be the case. It is imperative to maintain quality when cleaning the property.

Use quality cleaning tools and products that will not affect the surface. Such products will also improve the appearance of the property and make it more valuable. If you do not know much about quality cleaning tools and products, you can ask a professional cleaner for recommendations.
A Professional May Help
Property managers have a lot of work to handle in a single day. It may not be possible to keep up with a cleaning schedule. This is why you may want to hire a professional to handle the cleaning for you. Contact us today for all your cleaning needs, and we will be glad to deliver exceptional and quality cleaning services.

Reasons to Pressure Wash Your Commercial Property

Your commercial property is probably one of the major investments you have. You’d want to do everything possible to keep it well-maintained and valuable.

It is common for most commercial properties to wear out within a short while due to dirt, high traffic movement, pollution, gum, and grease.
However, this shouldn’t be a major issue, since you have a solution to pressure wash the property, remove every unwanted element, and keep the building clean and beautiful. Here are the reasons to pressure wash your commercial building.

Reasons to Pressure Wash Your Commercial Property

Enhanced Curb Appeal
The exterior of your commercial property is the center of attraction for those coming in. It should appear neat and valuable whether you’re planning to sell it or not.

Pressure washing can improve its appearance, thus, attracting the attention of your visitors and passersby. This can improve your chances of getting tenants in empty offices. A neat environment makes your tenants more comfortable and relaxed.

Minimizes Repairs 
If you do not take good care of your property, you may soon see mold and mildew growth which can weaken the structure in the long run. This may lead to costly repairs, and sometimes, you may need to replace some items on the building.

You can avoid all this by scheduling pressure washing services to remove all the elements and keep your building free from rotting and disintegration.

Maintain a Clean and Healthy Environment
Pressure washing removes all the dirt and every element that makes the building appear untidy and old. This has a great impact on the health of those working within.

When mold and mildew accumulate, it can cause severe health challenges, making it an unsafe place for your tenants and their customers. It also prevents injuries caused by slippery floors and harmful substances. This is why it is imperative to schedule regular pressure washing to keep the area safe and healthy for everyone.

Keep Your Commercial Property Clean Always
From the list above, it is clear that pressure washing has a lot to offer for your commercial property. It’d be best to hire a professional pressure washing company to solve all your cleaning needs for your commercial property. Get in touch with us today for exceptional services worth value for your money.

Why Choose Pool Deck Pressure Washing?

If you’re a homeowner with a pool deck, it’s probably starting to get a lot of foot traffic this summer. Whether your guests are relaxing after a swim or tanning on your deck, having a clean deck is important and can play a role in the level of comfort for your guests.  Professional pool deck pressure washing is an inexpensive and easy way to clean or maintain your deck. The pressure washing professionals at 214 Pressure Washing discuss the benefits of pressure washing. Keep reading more details below to learn why you should be pressure washing your pool deck.

Why Choose Pool Deck Pressure Washing?

Top 3 Reasons To Pressure Wash Your Pool Deck

1. Aesthetic Beauty

Has your pool deck been a hangout spot for your friends and family? A great looking pool deck can really attract guests. With all the summer pool parties and evening gatherings, you could find yourself cleaning the deck more often. Professionally pressure washing your deck will give you a deep clean to preserve the beauty of your pool deck.

2. Upkeep/Maintenance

The chemicals from your pool are constantly splashing on your deck. Overtime, bleached water can cause your pool deck to wear. An expert pressure washing technician uses the right cleanser to sanitize and clean your deck. Cleaning your deck with pressure washing will also minimize the need for maintenance. Improve the safety of your guests walking on the pool deck with their bare feet by using a professional eco-friendly cleaning solution.

3.  Preserve Your Exterior

The exterior of your deck is either paint or stain. Whether your deck is painted or stained, it’s likely to peel as a result of extreme temperatures. Pressure washing your pool deck preserves your deck, and keeps it looking good for years to come. By removing dirt, debris, and dust, you’re also enhancing the appearance of your deck too.

For over 20+ years, 214 Pressure Washing has proudly served Dallas, TX and surrounding areas. Do you have questions about pool deck pressure washing? You’re invited to contact us about your pressure washing needs today.

Why You Should Hire Professional Restaurant Pressure Washing Services

You have a restaurant. You’ve taken care of the food. The staff is excellent, and your establishment is spotless, but there’s still one thing you might not have thought about: pressure washing. It may seem like an unnecessary expense, but it could be the best decision you make all year! Join us as we show you three reasons why you need to invest in restaurant pressure washing services today.

Why You Should Hire Professional Restaurant Pressure Washing Services

Reduce Maintenance Costs on Your Building

The first reason to invest in a professional restaurant pressure washing service is to significantly reduce the maintenance costs you have to pay. Pressure washing services tackle the problem of dirt and grime on your building by removing debris buildup. Dirt can be highly abrasive. If not cleaned regularly, it will damage your restaurant’s surfaces, leading to more expensive maintenance costs.

Keep Bugs and Pests Away from Your Restaurant

Another reason to invest in a professional pressure washing service is to help keep bugs and pests away from your restaurant. The last thing you want is animals in your restaurant, especially if they are pests. A pressure washing service can help to give both you and your customers peace of mind by keeping bugs and mold away from your building.

Maintain a Professional Appearance

Finally, hiring a professional restaurant pressure washing service can help to maintain a professional appearance. Keeping your building clean is one of the most important parts of owning a restaurant, and hiring professionals to do it can save you time in the long run. Customers won’t likely be inclined to eat at a restaurant with dirt and grime caked on the walls, so make sure that your business is clean.

Using professional restaurant pressure washing services is the best way to keep your restaurant looking clean and fresh. You can’t get a better job done on your own, so why not contact us for a free estimate? We have experts who are ready to serve you. Let us know what type of services you need, and we will be happy to provide them for you.

Common Graffiti Removal Methods

Graffiti enhances beauty through wall art, but to most property owners, it is vandalism. It makes your exterior space look bad and neglected. The sooner you remove it, the simpler and faster it is to get off.  If you’re wondering how best to remove graffiti, here are 3 common methods:

Common Graffiti Removal Methods

Chemical Removal
Chemical removers get rid of graffiti faster depending on how strong the solvent is. If it’s a small area requiring attention, a mild removal product and cloth will do. For larger surfaces, it’s best to engage professionals as the chemical removers are harmful and require personal protection and safety considerations.

Pressure Washing
Pressure washing requires appropriate equipment, water, and a solvent to get rid of graffiti from surfaces. The chemical remover is applied on the surface before pressure washing. The water pressure should be adjusted accordingly to avoid damage to the surface. Better still, engage professionals who will handle the task competently.

Painting Over 
For graffiti found on smooth painted surfaces, removal can be done by painting over it. This is an easier and cheaper way of addressing the issue, though not quite the best. Initially, it may look aesthetically pleasing, but only for a short while. In the long run, it starts to peel, fade, or bubble and may require more attention again.

Surface Types for Graffiti Removal
Different surfaces call for specific methods of graffiti removal. For instance, aluminum/vinyl siding and fiberglass require a paint remover and water for rinsing out; glass/plexiglas calls for a paint thinner or scraping with a razor blade; masonry (such as concrete, marble, brick, cement, stone, stucco) needs power washing on low pressure.

We are a pressure washing company with a team of dedicated and competent professionals committed to excellence. If you’re in Dallas or Fort Worth area and would like quality graffiti removal on your property, count on us to deliver prompt services. Contact us today for a free quote and more information.

Pressure Washing with Hot Water

Pressure washing with hot water just might be the better way to go. In several ways, hot water pressure washers just work more effectively. Hotter temperatures activate the cleaning agents in the water on a molecular level, allowing dirt and oil to be washed away. Heat lowers water’s surface tension so oils present begin to emulsify and with the aid of detergent, dirt is loosened. Also, the higher temperatures will help to kill bacteria that may be present on your cleaning surface. Hot water washing is suitable for all kinds of uses. You wouldn’t wash many things with cold water; the same logic applies here.

Pressure Washing with Hot Water

If you are considering whether to pressure wash with hot water or cold, think about what kinds of things you will be washing. Hot water removes grease much more easily. If you are cleaning caked on mud or removing chipped paint from the side of a building, hot water will get the job done faster as it will weaken the hold of the dirt and grime.

When pressure washing with hot water, always use detergent to maximize your success. Be sure to use eye protection. It’s always a good idea to keep yourself and others safe from any injuries sustained due to debris flying away from your workspace. If you are pressure washing a building coated with paint or vinyl siding, be sure to avoid washing too closely to the walls to make sure the surface doesn’t sustain any damage. If your goal is to remove paint from an old building, make sure you consider the risk of exposing the lead paint underneath. If cleaning indoor spaces like dirty kitchen walls, make sure your area is clear and evacuated.

Hot water pressure washing is a sure way to make your spaces clean and beautiful again. For help with your next project, just contact us for all your pressure washing needs!

Refresh Your Restaurant Exterior for Renewed Customer Appeal

The exterior of your restaurant is a direct reflection of your company’s attention to quality. When hungry customers are searching for their next meal, a clean and inviting exterior is a great way to attract these potential customers. By investing in a detail-oriented power washing, your company will stand out from the rest and take on a professional aesthetic that promotes your commitment to customer-focused service.

Refresh Your Restaurant Exterior for Renewed Customer Appeal

Appearances Matter in Today’s Business World

The look and feel of your establishment is as important as the quality of food you serve. Customers take notice when a property is well-maintained, and often base their buying decisions solely on how a place looks. Even with a sparkling clean kitchen and dining area, you may be missing out on potential sales simply because your building’s exterior doesn’t stack up to your restaurant’s quality.

Comprehensive power washing is one of the best ways to upgrade the exterior with a minimal investment. With cost-effective power washing, everything from years of buildup on the sides of buildings, to unsightly grease on dumpsters can easily be removed. Using pressure-adjusted washers, our company can safely clean a variety of surfaces, such as:

  • Parking Lots
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Sidewalks
  • Porches & Patios
  • Dumpsters
  • & More…

Safe & Effective Restaurant Pressure Washing

Our priority is the safe washing of your valuable property. With years of experience in the pressure washing business, we have extensive expertise working with nearly every variety of surface imaginable. Since we can adjust our pressure settings on the fly, we can safely and effectively remove everything from the grime on sensitive siding, to the toughest of graffiti sprayed onto brick.

We bring our fully adaptable pressure washing services directly to you. With our stand-alone pressure washing trucks, there’s no need for water hookups or complicated setups; just fast, reliable, and effective cleaning designed to make your business shine.

If you’d like to schedule a professional restaurant power washing, feel free to contact us for a complimentary consultation today!