The Benefits of Soft Washing a Business Exterior

Over time, the exterior of your business is exposed to the elements. It is pelted with rain, baked in the sun, and under constant barrage by air contaminants. While it doesn’t happen immediately, your building will eventually begin to look a little different. In areas under constant shade, you may begin to notice moldy spots, and even in areas of all sun, they will show discoloration. Needless to say, after a few years of weather, your business exterior won’t look like the same building, but you can get that look back.

The Benefits of Soft Washing a Business Exterior

Pressure washing is the obvious choice to clean a building and return it to looking sharp. However, even though high-pressure washing can be effective in many cases, sometimes just plain old water, even when shot at a high pressure, can’t remove all stains. Yet, you are not out of options. For this, you can choose to soft wash your building.

Whereas high-pressure washing uses just high pressured water to remove contaminants and discoloration, soft pressure washing uses a lower PSI but uses water that is treated with bleach and a foaming agent. The bleach, found in just a slightly higher concentration than your average swimming pool, clings to the building through the foaming agent, dissolving away dirt, mold, mildew, algae, and even spider webs. After it has been applied, it is then rinsed off to reveal the beautiful-looking building underneath.

Aside from being more effective at removing stains, soft washing also has the added benefit of being more affordable, especially if you have a two-story building. The major downside of high-pressure washing is that the technician needs to be relatively close to the surface. This means that if you have a second story, scaffolding may need to be involved which can raise the time and labor it takes to complete your building. However, with soft pressure washing, the technician has the tools at hand to shoot the bleaching foam up to 50 feet high, eliminating the need for scaffolding in many cases.

As soft pressure washing uses bleach, your building is left completely disinfected after the process is done, meaning that it stays clean for longer. As a process that is cheaper and more effective, it is only natural to feel that soft washing is the right choice for you. If your business exterior is looking a little less than stellar in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, contact us today to see what 214 Pressure Washing can do to make it beautiful again.