Is Rust Costing You Customers?

Chances are, you’ve invested a lot of time, money and heart into your business and you do all you can to keep it running. We all know the adage, “You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.” With a whopping 95 percent of consumers citing the appearance of a building as part of their decision to visit, could you benefit from some rust removal?

Is Rust Costing You Customers?

Even with the best efforts, there are ways that your building could be falling apart, without you even knowing it or, worse, you could be losing business just because of a natural, chemical reaction. 

If you can see rust forming around your building, this can create expensive – even dangerous – problems for you in the future. Not only is this orange dust unsightly for your customers, but it can spread and create structural problems.

Rust is formed when metal is exposed to moisture and oxygen, resulting in oxidation. From there, it can grow and continue to deteriorate metal and surrounding elements (such as rebar within concrete forms). 

There are many home remedies one can try to remove rust – from sanding the rust away to vinegar and water – but most of these techniques are not only time-consuming, but ineffective in the long run.

Using our pressure washing service, much more area can be cleared of rust, while also reaching into cracks and crevices that are not accessible by hand. This technique removes rust much more quickly, effectively and deeply. 

Additionally, regular maintenance of these areas – inside or out – can prevent further corrosion which ends up being a costly repair or replacement.

If you want to make sure your business is clean and free of rust and corrosion, contact us today so we can discuss ways to make sure your location is squeaky clean.

Why You Should Pressure Wash Your Commercial Parking Lot

The parking lot of any commercial building is a very important component as it provides a safe place for tenants and customers to park. Due to the importance of keeping a commercial parking lot clean and in good condition is very important. One of the best ways to do this is to take advantage of professional power washing services as they can provide a number of different benefits.

Why You Should Pressure Wash Your Commercial Parking Lot

Remove Difficult Materials

One of the main benefits of using a pressure washing service on your parking lot is that it can help to remove some of the more difficult materials that can become prevalent in a parking lot. Parking lot owners will find that it is almost impossible to remove bubble gum, excessive tar, oil stains, and other challenging items. However, when engaging a pressure washing service provider, it can be much easier to have these items efficiently cleaned and removed.  This can help your lot continue to look good for years to come. 

Extend Useful Life

Another reason why you should have pressure washing done on your parking lot is that it can greatly extend the useful life of the parking lot and delay the need for overlays and other major repairs. Parking lots can break down over time due to the buildup of salt, oil, and other common chemicals that can get into the parking lot service. When you have a pressure washing service done, all of these materials will be removed. This can prevent cracks and other parking lot issues from occurring.

If you have a parking lot, contact us to learn more about the benefits of having it pressure washed.