Why Pressure Washing is Great for Your Business

Owning a commercial property can be a great long-term investment. However, in order for it to continue to be a great investment, you will need to keep it properly maintained. One great maintenance option would be to engage a pressure washing company to clean your property on a regular basis. There are several advantages of pressure washing that are unmatched by other cleaning options.

Why Pressure Washing is Great for Your Business

Effective Cleaning Source

One of the main advantages of hiring a professional for pressure washing for your commercial property is that it can be a very effective cleaning solution. Pressure washing is a great option to clean off a variety of items including dirt, mildew, salt stains, and rust off of a variety of different materials. After a quick power washing process, you will see a dramatic difference in the appearance of your property.

Great for Parking Lot

Another advantage of engaging a pressure-washing provider for your commercial property is that it can be great for a parking lot. A parking lot is a major investment that needs to be properly taken care. While a parking lot can withstand the weight of enormous trucks, small pieces of sale, oil, and other debris can do a lot of damage when they get caught into the parking lot cracks. A power washing service will be able to clean the parking lot thoroughly and have all of this debris removed. Doing this regularly can greatly extend the useful life of your parking lot.

Environmentally Friendly

Finally, pressure washing is very good for the environment. As opposed to using heavy chemicals in commercial cleaning products, pressure washing uses a far more natural solution that poses no risk to the environment.

If you are interested in pressure washing services, you should contact us immediately to learn more about the benefits that it provides as well as the services that we can provide to you.

2 Ways to Get Your Business’s Exterior Ready for the Summer

Summer is on its way, and that means more shoppers congregating in downtown areas and recreational shopping centers. Make sure your business is one of the most popular destinations this summer by making your building’s exterior fresh and inviting. Here is how to do it:

2 Ways to Get Your Business's Exterior Ready for the Summer

Pressure Wash Building Exteriors

Building exterior surfaces attract dirt, mold, mildew and environmental fallout. If you leave your surfaces soiled for extended times, the damage can require extensive repair. We can pressure wash stucco, cast stone, brick, stone, metal siding and other surfaces on exteriors of buildings around town. If your building needs a professional wash then give us a call. We use low pressure with high flow in most cases to protect delicate surfaces. We can also power wash multilevel structures requiring a boom lift.

Clean the front concrete pathways.

Concrete gets a bit dingy during winter and spring. Water runoff from snow and storms falls down your building’s downspouts and the dirt can seep into the surrounding concrete. Early blooms and decaying leaves from last year form deep-set stains, even if your landscaping service quickly removes the plant debris. Make your store look more welcoming by having a freshly cleaned walkway. Shoppers are more likely to visit new shops that look clean and inviting, and that impression starts with your store’s exterior.

Power washing doesn’t just scour off the top layers of dirt on your building’s exterior. It removes deep-set stains and can get the surfaces ready for new paint, stain, and renovations. Go to 214 Pressure Wash to start your appointment and be ready for summer.

Is Gum Buildup Tarnishing Your Business’s Beauty? Get Bubble Gum Removal

When you leased your commercial space, you may have loved all the decorative details. Prioritizing attractiveness is an excellent way to get people to look at your business. So, you may have invested a lot into making sure that you furnished and decorated the storefront beautifully.

Is Gum Buildup Tarnishing Your Business’s Beauty? Get Bubble Gum Removal

Making sure that your entire business is clean is essential to impress customers. But, even though you may not have a difficult time with cleaning most features, you may have complications with gum buildup. Hiring a pressure washing company for bubble gum removal is an ideal solution.


The first place that you will want to pay attention to is the storefront. This means cleaning up the areas around the windows as well as the door that customers use to get inside. Whether people are walking by, admiring the displays, or going inside, you want them to feel as if the space is clean. Aside from checking out your website, this will be a part of a customer’s first impression.

Parking Lot                                                           

Another area where you want to remove all the bubble gum is in the parking lot. You do not want any customers parking their vehicle, stepping outside, and seeing gum next to them on the pavement. Although you cannot keep gum from getting on the ground, you can rely on routine pressure washing service to remove gum before it builds up enough to become a problem.

Dumpster Area

One of the messiest areas of your business is likely by the dumpster. All it takes is a trash bag ripping or a trash truck spilling some trash on the ground for gum to get on the surface. If the gum is fresh and sticky, one of your employees may end up stepping on it while throwing trash away. This can further embed the gum into the surface, but pressure washing will remove it all.

If you want to schedule an appointment for bubble gum removal, contact us any time.