Pressure Washing & Commercial Building Maintenance

Whether you own or lease a commercial building for your business, you probably put a lot of time and money into maintenance (and if you don’t – you should!). You want your building, and the area surrounding it, to make a strong first impression on your customers. You’ve carefully considered your landscaping, adding attractive plants to your parking lot and entryway. And your signage is well-designed and clear. You pick up trash every day, of course, because you know your customers would be turned off by seeing a mess when they enter your building.  But are you forgetting to schedule pressure washing? Pressure Washing: An Important Part of Commercial Building Maintenance

Pressure Washing & Commercial Building Maintenance

It can be tempting to cut corners and skip certain maintenance tasks. After all, your business has plenty of expenses, and are customers really going to notice whether or not you’ve pressure washed your building?

The truth is, even if they don’t consciously notice it, customers will pick up on the clean look of a properly washed building exterior. If your building is dingy and has mildew or climbing weeds, your customers might be passing you by no matter how great your signage and landscaping are. A sparkling clean building is the background for all of your other enticing details, and without it, you might really be losing out.

Regular pressure washing has benefits beyond aesthetics, too. Cleaning off algae, mildew, and other organic growths can prevent more costly cleaning and repairs down the line. Washing off climbing weeds before they really take hold can prevent them from damaging your walls. And a pressure washing crew can take care of your parking lot and entryway surface, too. You’d be amazing how good a parking lot can look when the gum, oil drops, and dirt are washed away.

The bottom line is this – make room in your budget to regularly pressure wash your commercial building. It won’t break the bank, and it will definitely increase traffic to your business. Contact 214 Pressure Washing today to learn more about our pressure washing services.

Retail Strip Pressure Washing

You may not notice the details on the exterior of retail strips, but customers do every day. Over time, businesses appear worn down due to mold build-up, dirty windows that appear older but are actually not long ago put in, and can even develop a disease from bird droppings. Pressure washing outside retail strips can benefit tenants and relieve eyesores for incoming customers.

Retail Strip Pressure Washing

Mold or Fungi

Mold and/or Fungi will build up continuously as a result of excessive water not dried properly. What exactly is mold? Mold is actually another term for fungi, which are organisms that thrive from spoiled foods or bacteria forming colonies. They have spores that release unpleasant fumes into the air and will drive away clients who have allergies. Discoloration on buildings due to molding can conclude in losing business. Addressing toxic molds provides understanding the following health guidelines.


Cleaning windows twice a year is recommended. Increase business by efficiently removing dirt and grime from windows that can permanently damage the glass. Glass is versatile and able to withstand any weather. Harsh weather can wear down the appearance and block any sunlight from shiny into the retail strips. Pressure washing will make it easy to freshen the look of windows and avoid any major destruction. This will benefit retail shops and save a few bucks.

Bird Droppings

While bird droppings are uninviting, they can consequence in serious health issues. Histoplasmosis is one of many bird diseases that have heavy fumes that will pose a potential harm to retail strips and human beings. Not to mention, seeing undesirable droppings that could drive cast out customers and set a bad reputation for business owners. We can’t avoid birds and their annoying gifts, but we do have an easy way to keep the retail strips nice and clean!

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3 Reasons to Pressure Wash Your Restaurant’s Exterior

Everyone starts to feel a little cooped up during the winter. When spring rolls around and it starts getting warm enough to eat outside, your customers are going to start their meals out on your patio. There are a lot of different steps that your company takes to keep the area clean, inviting, and interesting. But if pressure washing isn’t part of that to-do list, you could be losing customers and doing more work than you need to. Here’s why:

3 Reasons to Pressure Wash Your Restaurant's Exterior

1. Pressure washing removes buildup.

Even in Texas, the snowy season will leave your exterior covered in rock salt and chemicals designed to melt ice. But that safety measure can start to eat into your patio’s surface and leave behind stains. Pressure washing gets rid of the residue and any stains. It also prevents more damage from building up.

Pressure washing also gets rid of bugs. If your patio has a lot of tiny nooks and crannies in the surface, insects might have used them to hole up for winter or to lay eggs. Get rid of them before they wake up or hatch in the spring so you don’t have to deal with the infestations.

2. Don’t let allergens ruin the experience.

Once the plants around your restaurant start waking up, the air is going to be filled with allergens and pollen. Those same irritants are going to cling to your exterior walls and the patio floor. But a good pressure washing can cut through organic buildup. If you have customers who spend the entire meal sneezing, they might not come back.

3. Make the outdoor eating area look like new.

Spring is all about things looking fresh and new. Pressure washing can give new life to your patio area by removing old stains from traffic and wear and tear. The process cleans the surfaces so they lose the dimness of embedded dirt and grime. Just like with your restaurant’s interior, it looks more inviting if it’s clean.

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