3 Ways to Cut Down on Rust on Your Commercial Building

Rust says a lot about a property, and it doesn’t say anything good. Some rust is unavoidable, and it seems like it reappears as soon as you remove. Sometimes rust is even part of the decor if your building has a rustic feel and you’ve controlled the patina on some iron decorative elements.

3 Ways to Cut Down on Rust on Your Commercial Building

But the rest of the time, rust makes people think the building isn’t being maintained. Rusty sidewalks imply the landscaping is low budget or nonexistent and it decreases the property’s curb appeal. If there’s rust on the building itself, that’s even worse. Here are three ways to get rid of the rust:

1. Galvanize the exposed metal.

You can’t keep water off of your property. So you need to make sure the metal elements are as protected as possible from rain, irrigation, and humidity. Identify the most common rust areas and look into the most cost-effective ways to solve the problem long-term. If you have rusty plumbing fixtures or vents along the building’s exterior, replace them with galvanized counterparts. If your wrought iron fence is coated in rust, clean it and have a protective seal applied.

2. Pressure wash the property.

But before you start protecting your building against future rust, you have to remove the current coat. Using chemicals to remove the rust can be dangerous: not only can they etch through the metal, they will stain the surrounding surfaces.

A pressure washing surface will use the right cleaners and water pressure for every surface, including sidewalks, siding, and metal fixtures.

3. Schedule regular washes.

You can’t galvanize or seal everything, and that means the rust is going to come back. If you have multiple investment properties or your schedule is too hectic to keep scheduling pressure washing appointments, set a schedule for routine service. Pressure washing works best every six months to a year because that stops the corrosion from setting in for too long.

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