Is There a Green or Black Powder Growing on Your Siding?

Even though spring cleaning gets most of the attention, fall cleaning is an essential part of home maintenance in North Texas. Plants keep growing, the hornets become more active, and there’s still a lot of nature activity before things start to slow down in December. If you’re maintaining your house from this second wave of the long growing season, you may have seen a powdery organic growth start to form on your siding. Darker siding and large bushes can hide it. But once you see it, you’re probably wondering how to go about the organic growth removal process:

Is There a Green or Black Powder Growing on Your Siding?

Here are some questions we can answer for you:

  • What is it?
  • How do I remove it?
  • It’s not mildew, is it? Is it dangerous?

Don’t worry. It’s probably not mildew. If you’re worried about mildew and black mold around your home’s exterior, check where humidity is high and air circulation is low. This includes the vent flashing on your roof, between your outdoor air conditioning condenser unit, and around the gutter seams. Your windows frames are also a tempting target for dangerous dampness, so check for drafts and water damage for autumn gets underway.

The growth on the flat panels of your siding started off as fungus. This fungus probably started growing in spring and summer when nearby trees were releasing pollen. Since them, a collection of moss, lichens, and molds found it and started using it as a food source. While the mold that might be mixed into the growth isn’t ideal, it’s not necessarily the stuff of indoor nightmares and respiratory problems.

Instead, the main concern with this organic growth is eventual damage. The buildup is taking root in your siding and, while the root systems are tiny, they will start to make the material crumble. The growth can also find its way to the underlying wood and your roof shingles. The best way to remove the growth is to hire an expert power washer. They know the right combination chlorinated chemicals to kill the growth without damaging the surrounding materials. They can also safely wash your home’s siding and brick walls to stop growths you haven’t seen yet.

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