Add Power Washing to Your Maintenance Checklist Between Tenants

Buy and hold real estate investment is all about minimizing downtime. The longer a property sits empty, especially if it’s a commercial property, the more expensive it becomes. Setting strict timelines and workflows for preparing the property for new tenants is essential so you or your management company can start prepping the property the second the former tenant leaves. Power washing the exterior should always have a place on that checklist. Here’s why:

Add Power Washing to Your Maintenance Checklist Between Tenants

Deep cleaning the current exterior is just as good as replacing the finish.

You don’t have to transform your commercial buildings between tenants in order to get new business. But the buildings do need to look well-maintained, clean, and ready for new tenants to start their business immediately. Power washing is the best way to refresh the exterior.

The process removes deep-set environmental stains in everything from brick to concrete. These materials are porous and can pick up airborne chemicals like car exhaust. You can even wash away the yellowing discoloration and smell of cigarette smoke near habitual smoking posts. New tenants are sensitive to signs of dirtiness and smells that could impact their own profitability.

Even better, power washing takes only a fraction of the time that painting, staining, and renovation projects require. Many of these tasks use pressure or power washing as the first step, and removing these extra steps speeds up your timeline.

Clean up the parking lot for extra curb appeal.

If the parking lot is part of your property, make sure that it looks professional and inviting, too. This is especially vital for office buildings, since tenants may be inviting clients onsite. Make sure the parking spots along the front of the building have clean concrete and, as needed, fresh paint demarcating the lines and symbols.

When you are preparing a commercial property between tenants, you shouldn’t have to replace everything. Even the grimiest exteriors can look like new after power washing. Go to 214 Pressure Washing to schedule quick service.