Can You Pressure Wash Cast Stone Exteriors?

Cast stone is a beautiful – and affordable – alternative to natural cut stone. This is why you see it so often in commercial spaces. However, while those rough grooves that mimic natural cut stone look great, they are also flawed. The more grooves and rough texture a building material has, the more it catches dirt and other residue. Even more problematic is the fact that cast stone, as a mimic made of a myriad of different materials, can be fragile to wash.

Can You Pressure Wash Cast Stone Exteriors?

If you take a scrub brush to cast stone, you will likely get frustrated before the stone gets cleaned or damaged. Yet, as cast stone is fragile, if a pressure washer is used to clean it in untrained hands, then the side of your commercial space is likely to end up ruined. This type of stone doesn’t stand up well to high pressure, which may make you believe that pressure washing as a cleaning tool is ruled out, but you would be wrong.

Soft Washing Cast Stone

Not all pressure washing uses “pressure”. Instead, you will actually see a lot of pressure washing companies use a technique known as “soft” washing. A lower water pressure is used in conjunction with a cleaning solution in the water.

This harnesses the power and efficiency of pressure washing, but does so in a way that doesn’t harm more fragile building materials. It is something used on areas like roofing and windows, and it can be the perfect technique to clean dirty cast stone exteriors on your commercial building without causing any damage to the facade.

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