Drawbacks of Skipping Routine Retail Strip Cleaning

If you manage a retail property, it is pretty easy to view pressure washing as a “once every few years” or even an “only when it is dirty” sort of affair. However, setting up a routine pressure washing schedule can be a major boon, and not just because you don’t need to remember to make the appointment. If you are only occasionally scheduling a pressure wash of your retail space, you are missing out. Drawbacks of not having routine retail strip cleaning:

Drawbacks of Skipping Routine Retail Strip Cleaning

Loss of Curb Appeal

The most obvious drawback of not having a routine pressure washing schedule for your retail strip is that your buildings will start to look bad. Likely by the time you notice, tons of customers already have. Your retail space suddenly becomes known by words like “run down” or “old” without being either because people are judging it by the exterior looks.

Decreased Property Value

What goes down right alongside curb appeal? Property value. If you wait until buildings look dirty to have them cleaned, there are still those days where people see the dirty buildings in your retail space. Businesses may not want to rent space and it could start to damage your property value more quickly than you think.

Longer Wash Times

The biggest benefit to scheduled routine pressure washing for your retail strip is that the job will get done pretty quickly. The initial cleaning the first time you do it will take some time, but that is because so much dirt and other grime has had time to build up. Routine schedules are just upkeep, often taking only half the time of an initial visit. Pressure washing your retail space will only take longer the more time you let pass.

Do you have a retail space that could benefit from routine retail strip cleaning? We can help. Contact us today to see what 214 Pressure Washing can do to help you get any of your commercial spaces looking picture perfect.