15 Aug

The Most Effective Way of Removing Graffiti from Brick

If you run a brick and mortar business, and you chose a beautiful building made of literal brick and mortar, there is no doubt that you are proud of the building. These days there are so many sleek and modern exteriors for stores and other businesses, but the brick is a classic look that not only adds strength to the exterior but radiates strength. Unfortunately, having any sort of physical building makes you a target for tagging and graffiti artists, none more so than brick though.

The Most Effective Way of Removing Graffiti from Brick

When a vandals look at the bare side of your building, they see a blank canvas just ripe for their controversial form of artistry. However, while there are some nice pieces of spray paint art out there, very few business owners want them on their buildings. Unfortunately for everyone involved, brick can make removing graffiti especially difficult. Brick is a surface that is lightly porous as well as textured from the wear and tear of time. This means if you are scrubbing it down, you are more likely to wear down a scrub brush before you remove every trace of graffiti.

What is the best option to remove graffiti from brick? Well, the answer is simple, pressure wash it. Unfortunately, even that isn’t a spray and done sort of job. You need to first loosen the paint with a chemical paint remover so that the pressure washer can spray it away. However, it is usually a most of the day job, and you have a business to run. Instead of spending the money on a high-grade pressure washer and the chemicals to remove graffiti, why not leave it to the professionals? By hiring a commercial pressure washer, not only do you save yourself time but the faster you remove that graffiti, the less likely the vandals are to notice that you are trying and come back for a re-tagging.

If your business has been hit with graffiti in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, whether it be brick, stucco, or any other surface, contact us today. 214 Pressure Washing is dedicated to providing the best quality service and work as we make your business look its best.