Maintain Great Commercial Appearance with 214 Pressure Washing

Every business, including 214 Pressure Washing, knows that first impressions are extremely important when it comes to running a successful business. Think about the last time you went to a store or other business. When you pulled up into the parking lot, did you notice debris or stains on the outside? You may have even changed your mind about shopping at that specific store due to its commercial appearance.

Maintain Great Commercial Appearance with 214 Pressure Washing

Potential clients or customers form opinions extremely fast; only seconds. When needing to ensure a clean outside, 214 Pressure Washing will come to the rescue to save the day. At times, concrete and brick will darken due to pollution and dirt. This happens over time so it is a gradual change and you may not even remember the original color of the bricks. However, you are able to refresh the appearance with a simple pressure wash session. Here are some of the services that we offer:

  • Retail Strip: It is a battle that is never ending when it comes to chewing gum and random stains when it deals with a retail strip. Sidewalks and parking spaces are riddled with mystery stains.
  • Commercial Buildings: The exteriors of the commercial buildings tend to build up mold, dirt, mildew, as well as environmental types of debris. If the surface is dirty for an extended time the damage will require repair. No matter if the outside is made of metal, cast stone, brick, or stucco; we can get it clean for you.
  • Rust Stain: If you need your surface restored due to rust stains, then pressure washing is definitely the way to go. There is a specially formulated solution to remove rust stains from concrete surfaces. Rust is ugly, get rid of it.

If you have these or other stains on your personal or commercial property, 214 Pressure Washing has the solution for you. In order to begin to restore the surfaces, call us for a free estimate.

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