3 Ways DIY Power Washing Can Hurt Your Building

There’s no one-size-fits-all setting for power washing a building. Every surface and circumstance needs a slightly different solution. Properties up against a lake need softer scouring that won’t penetrate their protective paint or powder coating. But properties up against an interstate need tough water pressure and cleaners to cut through the road grime.

commercial building pressure washing


Even individual parts of the same building need different treatments. So don’t risk property damage with all of the contradicting tips you’ll find online. Hire professional power washers who have plenty of experience with different surfaces, especially:

1. Cobblestone sidewalks.

If your building has decorative cobblestone sidewalks around the property, then keeping them clean is essential to customer enjoyment. But getting them clean is tricky. Stones have a hard surface, but their grout or dirt joints might not be able to handle the pressure. The landscaping right along the sides of the paths certainly won’t be able to, and the grass won’t respond to harsh cleaners, either. Find a service who can use just the right cleaners and equipment for the situation.

2. Soft siding.

If you have a brick or concrete building, the walls can handle quite a lot of pressure to leave them clean and gleaming. But softer materials need a gentler approach. Wood or poly siding have to be carefully handled, and shingles may need a different approach altogether. Don’t risk tearing up the siding, especially if it’s an intricate design.

3. Hard concrete.

Even concrete can require special handling. Too much pressure near a crack can increase the damage. On the other hand, too little pressure and too soft of cleaning chemicals won’t get out the rust stains and accumulated exhaust.

214 Pressure Washing has the experience to safely clean any type of commercial building surface. Whether you have an industrial concrete building or a themed restaurant with a perfectly decorated exterior, our trained teams can get it done. Contact us here to schedule an appointment.