How Much Water Does Power Washing Use?

If you are considering residential power washing in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, it is likely that your company of choice will tap into the outside spigot. While many power washing companies have the capability to power wash from tanks, they are typically not necessary for residential spaces. Yet, water isn’t free either. You may wonder how much is going to go into power washing your home and if you will be seeing a huge jump in your water bill.

How Much Water Does Power Washing Use?

While you will obviously see a rise in your water bill after residential power washing, it will actually be a smaller one than you will think. The amount of water used overall depends on the size of your home and how dirty it is, but it is easiest to explain how much water will be used by comparing a power washer to your standard garden hose.

Most garden hoses will expend around 12 gallons per minute compared to a power washer that expends around 8 gallons per minute. That is still a lot of water, but the benefit of a power washer is it works much faster to remove dirt compared to a garden hose. As the water is put under a higher pressure, it becomes more efficient at removing dirt. Not only is a power washer using less water per minute, but it is getting infinitely more done in a single minute compared to a garden hose.

Even if it does take an hour to clean the exterior of your home, that is still a minimal amount of water used with the power washer not in use every minute of that time.

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