Safe Organic Growth Removal with Pressure Washing

You take good care of your home, so when what appears to be organic growth such as mildew and black mold starts growing on your home, it can be concerning. The good news is that it’s not likely either of these, and 214 pressure washing can provide a quick and safe solution.

Safe Organic Growth Removal with Pressure Washing

What is organic growth?

Organic growth starts as fungus from pollen spores. Moss, lichens, and molds find this fungus to be a ready food source and attach on. This type of mold is generally not the kind of black mold that brings respiratory problems or harm to your family. It’s just your everyday run-of-the-mill type of mold. Either way, it’s on your home, and you don’t want it there. It makes your home look dingy and can also cause insurance companies to question your home’s condition. Given enough time, it can eventually lead to rot. You are a responsible homeowner and don’t need that type of concern, especially when there is an easy fix.

How to remove organic growth?

When removing organic growth from your home through pressure-washing, there are several important things to keep in mind.

Where is the growth?

Organic growth can be hidden behind shrubbery, under siding or shingles, or in plain sight. It’s important to take special care when removing mold and mildew to ensure other parts of your home or home’s surroundings are not damaged.

How to remove it safely?

The best way to remove this type of growth is with a precise combination of chlorinated chemicals and pressure washing that will remove the growth without causing damage to your home, home surroundings, family, or pets.

What is unseen?

While what you see can certainly be concerning enough, it’s important to treat your entire home when you notice organic growth to prevent any microscopic growth in progress. Annual pressure washing can remove the organic food source before it’s found by harmful lichen, moss, and mold.

When it comes to your home, family, and pets, it’s just not worth the risk to treat this growth removal as a DIY project. 214 Pressure Washing has the industry knowledge and experience to remove organic growth from your home safely. Your home is your haven. Let us help you keep it safe and looking its best.