3 Benefits of Professional Power Washing for Apartment Complex Owners

As an owner of an apartment complex, it is not just about keeping your buildings looking nice to attract new renters, but keeping the building safe for current residents as well. By scheduling regular power washing for the exterior of your buildings as well as the parking and patio areas, it can actually work a long way towards both.

3 Benefits of Professional Power Washing for Apartment Complex Owners

Benefits of Power Washing For Apartment Complex Owners

While setting up power washing schedule for your apartment complex can be an expense, it is one that comes with many benefits.

Increased Property Value

This is obviously the biggest reason most apartment complex owners take advantage of regularly scheduled cleanings. While market conditions aren’t as bad as they perhaps once were for rented properties, keeping your buildings clean and doing so on a regular basis will dramatically increase the property value compared to letting them waiver in between clean and looking neglected.

Protecting Your Tenants

The exterior of your apartment building protects everyone inside from the elements, but those elements don’t always leave without a mark. Mold, algae, and dirt can build up on the roof and siding. The biggest concern is that it negatively affects the appearance, which is true. However, mold growth on the exterior of your building can become a health hazard.

Furthermore, removing dirt build up from sidewalks and parking lots can also help them from becoming a huge slip hazard when wet. While many owners focus on the buildings, the walkable surfaces are also important to keep clean as well.

Prevent Repairs

The most unexpected benefit of power washing for an apartment complex is that is prevents the need for repairs in the future. The dirt, mold, and algae that builds up on an apartment building can cause wood to rot faster and may encourage leaks to form. Having all that regularly removed will keep your buildings much healthier in the long run.

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