3 Ways to Optimize Your Property Management

Property management is all about automation and routine. The better and more scale-able systems your company has, the better you can add new properties to your schedule without needing more employees. Good routines also decrease the likelihood that you’ll have unaccounted emergencies on your hands. When you’re thinking about how to optimize the exterior side of property management, make sure you have a reliable pressure washing company as part of your strategy. Here’s why:

3 Ways to Optimize Your Property Management

1. Regularly scheduled pressure washing is good preventative maintenance.

Pressure washing doesn’t just make a property look nice. While first impressions and consistent curb appeal are important parts of property management, the integrity of the property matters, too. Pressure washing stops damage like corrosion and organic growth in its tracks. It also prevents the buildup of stains and chemicals that can weaken the surface if the damage is left to sit.

2. Pressure washing companies can maintain multiple surface types.

Pressure washing can clean off exterior brick, but it can also clean metal and concrete. If your buildings have more fragile siding or a shingled roof, a good pressure washing company knows when to switch to power washing and soft washing. Scheduling a routine cleaning with one comprehensive company doesn’t just cut down your workload in one narrow scope; it means you don’t have to keep scheduling appointments for a whole host of services.

3. They can fit their services into your schedule.

Not every exterior maintenance company is equipped to work with property managers. Some services only handle individual, residential calls, and will only schedule routine appointments for certain types of buildings or cleanings. Look for a company that matches your schedule, your spectrum of property types, and the individual concerns for each property. Pressure washing services can also recommend the right recurring schedules for your properties based on their location, materials, and amount of daily traffic.

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Four Areas of Your House That Need Pressure Washing

You may be worried about keeping the inside of your house clean, but the exterior needs care too. However, you can’t just whip out the vacuum cleaner to take care of the exterior, instead the most efficient option is to have it power washed. By using a pressure washing service to wash these four areas of you house’s exterior, it’ll leave the place sparkling.

Four Areas of Your House That Need Power Washing

The Siding

Unfortunately, all those warm summer breezes and blustery winter days blow up dirt and that dirt in the air lands firmly on the side of your house. Combine that with mold and algae that builds up after rain storms, and the siding of your house can look extra grimy after awhile. However, put that scrub brush away, power washing is the way to go. Most siding has natural grooves in it that can be difficult to clean, but using the right water pressure and it can make cleaning the siding of your home go from a multi-day affair to just a task that is done in a few hours.

The Roof

We have all seen those sort of roofs that look dubiously streaked with black. This appearance is from mold and algae that will gradually grow on the shingles over time. However, while power washing can help, usually a power washing service will choose to use a technique called soft washing to best clean roofs. This doesn’t damage the roof, but rather uses a softer spray mixed lightly with bleach or other cleaners to remove the stains on your roof. The results are so effective that many realtors actually recommend a soft wash for your roof before you place the house on the market. It can really do wonders for that curb appeal.

The Driveway

Over time and consistent use, your driveway will manifest small cracks. Unfortunately, when dirt gets into those cracks, it can cause them to become worse. Then, of course, if weeds start to grow because of the dirt in those cracks, the cracks continue to grow too. Furthermore, concrete is a porous material, which means no matter how dirt-free you try to keep it, it will get darker and less pleasant. However, power washing is excellent at removing the dirt from those pores without damaging the concrete and without hours of scrubbing.

The Patio

If you have a concrete patio, then this is very much the same as your driveway. Concrete pores will get full of dirt over time and need to be flushed out. However, even if you have a wooden deck, it still needs regular cleaning and care. If you want to restain, power washing can strip away dirt and old stain so you can get to painting. However, by using a lighter pressure, the stain can stay on and the dirt can go.

If any of these areas of your house need cleaned and pressure washing is the right choice, contact us today to see what we can do for you.

3 Reasons to Pressure Wash Your Restaurant’s Exterior

Everyone starts to feel a little cooped up during the winter. When spring rolls around and it starts getting warm enough to eat outside, your customers are going to start their meals out on your patio. There are a lot of different steps that your company takes to keep the area clean, inviting, and interesting. But if pressure washing isn’t part of that to-do list, you could be losing customers and doing more work than you need to. Here’s why:

3 Reasons to Pressure Wash Your Restaurant's Exterior

1. Pressure washing removes buildup.

Even in Texas, the snowy season will leave your exterior covered in rock salt and chemicals designed to melt ice. But that safety measure can start to eat into your patio’s surface and leave behind stains. Pressure washing gets rid of the residue and any stains. It also prevents more damage from building up.

Pressure washing also gets rid of bugs. If your patio has a lot of tiny nooks and crannies in the surface, insects might have used them to hole up for winter or to lay eggs. Get rid of them before they wake up or hatch in the spring so you don’t have to deal with the infestations.

2. Don’t let allergens ruin the experience.

Once the plants around your restaurant start waking up, the air is going to be filled with allergens and pollen. Those same irritants are going to cling to your exterior walls and the patio floor. But a good pressure washing can cut through organic buildup. If you have customers who spend the entire meal sneezing, they might not come back.

3. Make the outdoor eating area look like new.

Spring is all about things looking fresh and new. Pressure washing can give new life to your patio area by removing old stains from traffic and wear and tear. The process cleans the surfaces so they lose the dimness of embedded dirt and grime. Just like with your restaurant’s interior, it looks more inviting if it’s clean.

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Need An End of Summer Pool Deck Cleaning?

Having a pool can be a lot of work, but with this summer heat you’ve probably enjoyed the cool refreshing water!  As the summer draws to a close, you may have noticed a buildup of residue on your pool deck or patio furniture. Your pool deck may be covered in mold, algae, and something you can’t identify from that party you had last week.

Well don’t worry, with 214 Pressure Washing you’ll spend no time cleaning it up, and can get back to enjoying your pool after a pool deck cleaning! Everyone wants their backyard to be as beautiful and appealing as possible. 214 Pressure Washing is in the business of making your residence look good. Give us a call today and end the summer with a clean pool deck!

Need An End of Summer Pool Deck Cleaning?

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Do You Need A Hot Water Pressure Washing Service?

Hot Water Pressure Washing

Hot water pressure washers are necessary any time you need to wash oil, grease or grime from a surface. At 214 Pressure Washing we have the ability to clean with cold and hot water, which separates us from many competitors.  Our professional grade equipment has the ability to heat up the water we are using to 250 Degrees Fahrenheit.  The ability to use heated water allows us to clean more efficiently for our customers, which in turn produces better results at a more affordable price.  Our hot water pressure washing will blast away your tough grease and  grime, leaving your home looking new again!

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 Do You Need A Hot Water Pressure Washing Service?

Benefits of Power Washing

Benefits of Power WashingKeeping our homes looking their best is at the top of most of our to-do lists.  Keeping the inside clean is a no-brainer.  But what about the outside? Are you curious about the benefits of power washing your home? You may have questions about whether or not this is something you should look into.  Check out these benefits to pressure washing your home!

1. Pressure washing can greatly improve the appearance of your home.  Whether you are interested in selling your home or just maintaining it, we all want our home to look desirable.

2. Power washing can also prevent or delay major projects such as painting, installing siding or restaining or resealing your deck.  If done regularly, pressure washing can extend the life of many outdoor features of your home.  It is also cheaper to hire someone to pressure wash than it is to put new siding on your home.  Pressure washing can extend the life of your siding as well as the surface of your driveway or the finish on your deck.

3. Pressure washing is also desirable because it is  faster than hand washing the majority of the time.

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Commercial Power Washing Service

Regular pressure washing is important to the maintenance and overall appearance of office buildings and commercial properties. Over time, building exteriors are affected by harmful factors such as weather damage, ultraviolet rays, pollution, exhaust, and general wear-and-tear. This damage can negatively impact the first impression your customers have of your business. Commercial power washing is important to maintain a clean and professional exterior. Keeping your business clean and tidy sets the tone for the type experience your customers can expect once inside.

At 214 Pressure Washing, we offer retail business routine pressure washing services to ensure their locations stay well maintained. We will come out every quarter to remove gum and maintain your corporate image. Give us a call. Contact 214 Pressure Washing today and get your quarterly commercial pressure washing scheduled!

Commercial Power Washing Service

Improve Your Curb Appeal

Improve Your Curb AppealPower washing is a great way to improve your curb appeal before selling your house. Curb appeal is how your house looks when someone drives by. Power washing your house before you sell it can quickly improve your curb appeal, and better curb appeal can mean a quicker sale and potentially more money.

Power washing can help increase your chances of having someone fall in love with your house upon seeing it. It can remove layers and years of dirt and grime from stone and cement and make the house look instantly cleaner. This means the chalk stains from when the kids were younger and any other marks on concrete can be done away with if you power wash the area. Power washing the porch will clear the area of dirt and debris.

Hiring someone to pressure clean your house will increase the curb appeal. It will make your home seem instantly cleaner, brighter, and more attractive. It can increase your chances of having a buyer fall in love with your house – which is what every home seller wants. You can be assured that 214 Pressure Washing is here to help you with your pressure washing needs.

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Driveway Pressure Washing in Frisco, TX

214 Pressure Washing is a reliable pressure washing contractor with professional grade equipment to ensure the best results. We utilize heated water up to 250 degrees, pressure up to 4000 psi, along with various tips, nozzles and chemicals to help get the best results possible for our customers.

214 Pressure Washing is a locally owned, locally operated business based in Dallas, TX. Our mission is to ensure every customer is 100% satisfied with the work we provide. Contact 214 Pressure Washing today to learn more about our residential pressure  washing solutions!

Driveway Pressure Washing in Frisco, TX

Driveway Pressure Washing in Frisco, TX

Power Washing Painted Brick

Removing layers of paint off brick can be tricky without the right equipment. 214 Pressure Washing was able to remove 7 layers of paint from this 100 year old building in Garland, TX. The end-result looked amazing and it completely transformed the look of this building.

If you have a paint removal project and you’re looking for an experienced pressure washing contractor, call 214 Pressure  Washing. We can power wash a small area and determine how many layers of paint need to be removed and how long the project will take. Contact us today to learn more about our power washing solutions.

Power Washing Painted Brick

Power Washing Painted Brick