“Was It Really THAT Dirty?” You’d Be Surprised

One of the most common reactions after a power wash is that of surprise. It’s true, many surfaces look bafflingly clean afterward, but that also means it can be difficult to know whether your surfaces are dirty enough to need one in the first place. Here are some of the most easily overlooked surfaces on your house that may be in need of cleaning.

"Was It Really THAT Dirty?" You'd Be Surprised

The Driveway

You walk (and drive) over it every day. It looks fine when you compare it to your neighbors’ driveways every time you step outside, but that’s why you may not have realized how much grime has built up over time. Seeing it so often means the gradual change to dirtyis almost unnoticeable as it continues to grow dirtier by the day. Typically, concrete driveways should look like a nice, uniform gray slab: if it looks more like a dark gray-brown shade or there are noticeable marks or light spots where the clean concrete shows through, it may be time to call up a professional to get it looking like new.

The Walls

It’s not very often that the walls of a house are looked at close enough to see how much dirt is on them. Most of the time, guests and passersby see it in all its glory: a house with exterior walls that look old, dark-stained, and “unclean” to put it simply. Of course, this is for the same reason as mentioned above. It’s just difficult to tell, especially if you’ve been spending this past year inside the house most of the time. Up close, you may notice dark mortar between bricks, dirt buildup between boards, or other signs your walls may need a dose of water.

The Roof

Why should you wash the roof when the sky does it for free? Well, though it may seem that way, rain is usually the reason it’s dirty in the first place. It does a good job washing off loose dirt, but the moisture it constantly leaves behind can cause algae and all sorts of things to grow on it. You may be tempted to get the job done yourself, but roofing material brings up a host of other considerations such as pressure, temperature, and even direction of the water flow. It’s best to leave it to the professionals when you start to notice the roof isn’t the same color it was a couple of years ago.

All these surfaces may look somewhat fine now, but with a quick call, we can leave them making your guests impressed and your neighbors jealous! Contact us today to find out how 214 Pressure Washing can make your Dallas/Fort Worth area home look good as new.